Buckhorn Lake, Chemong Lake, Pigeon Lake, Rice Lake, Lake Scugog, Lake Simcoe, Stoney Lake, Balsam Lake, Paudash Lake, Jack’s Lake, Sturgeon Lake, Chandos Lake, and others.  

Williams Outfitters will work with you to develop a game plan that best suits the conditions, your needs and will produce the greatest opportunity for success in targeting a species.
** All fish illustrations courtesy of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation **


Bass are one of the most universally targeted sport fish in the world and the Kawartha Lakes offer some of the best bass fishing in Canada.  Active from opening day in June through till early October, bass are the most easily and consistently caught fish in the Kawartha’s.  With lunkers topping 6 lbs., and the average bass ranging from 1.5 to 2 lbs. it is easy to see why bass fishing is thriving in the Kawarthas. 

Tactics range depending on conditions, anglers abilities and other factors.  From live bait to the latest tournament tackle bass can be caught on almost any bait.  All of the lakes are exceptional but favorites include; Lower Buckhorn, Tri Lakes, Stoney, Rice and Paudash Lakes.


Rapidly becoming the sport fish of choice by trophy anglers, muskies are known for their ferocious strikes and legendary acrobatics.  The Kawarthas are well known for producing 50 + inch monsters weighing in excess of 28 lbs.  Early June is among the best times to hook muskies as they are very active after spawning and can be caught in shallow bays around wild rice, stumps and weeds.  Trophy fish can be caught throughout the summer months although more frequent persistence will pay off.  As water temperature cools in the fall muskies tend to get more active putting on the feed bag for winter.  Tactics include casting in-line spinners, soft plastics and crank baits in the spring.  With weed growth at its peak in the summer months, tactics switch to deeper weed edges and rocks.  Trolling, casting spinners and big jigs for follow-ups are proven strategies when the going gets tough. Some favorite lakes for trophy muskie are Lower Buckhorn, Pidgeon and Bald Lakes.


Although their numbers are down slightly in some area lakes they are still one of the most sought after of any sport fish.  Walleye are most active in cool water conditions in early May to mid June and also in the fall.  Summertime can prove to be tougher fishing, but lunkers reaching 7+ lbs. can still be had.  Main tactics include crank baits, jerk baits and jigs in the spring.   Summer tends to slow the fish down so minnow tipped buck tail jigs and other slower presentations work best.  Drifting lindy rigs and worm harnesses work when things get tough.  Deep water lakes like Stoney, Pidgeon and Lower Buckhorn Lakes are hotspots for walleye.

Pan Fish

These include sunfish, perch and the crappie, which is relatively new to the area but thriving in our waters.  Early in the season is the best fishing for crappie but the other species of pan fish can be regularly caught.  This type of fishing is a great way to introduce youngsters to the sport of fishing. 

Fishing with live bait and light tackle is the best recipe for success.  With perch reaching 10” to 12” and crappie weighing over 1.5 lbs. pan fish are a blast to catch and with a little time spent cleaning can offer a tasty meal.


Made popular by the Europeans, carp fishing is taking over the banks of the Trent Severn Waterway.  Relatively new to the area, carp fishing is the fastest growing type of sport fishing.  Carp can be found in abundance on any of the Kawartha Lakes and adjoining river systems. Plenty of fish means non-stop action and catching fish in excess of 40 lbs. really gets the heart pumping.  With many different ways to catch carp and the new tackle that is out there, carp fishing is here to stay in the Kawarthas.

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