Thank you Crestliner Boats, it’s been great.


It is with mixed emotions that I would like to announce that after two years I will no longer be with Crestliner Boats. I was honoured and proud to represent Crestliner over the past two seasons. We made a ton of lasting memories with clients, friends and fishing partners. They are a great company who stand by their product and have a number of amazing people working tirelessly behind the scenes. I wish them all the best with all of their lines including the PT20 that I ran. If you are thinking of purchasing a Crestliner model please visit Joe and Deborah and all of the great people Paris Marine they would be happy to help you find the right fit for you. If you have any questions about Crestliner boats that I can answer I would be happy to help you out also!!

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By mikewilliams / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on May 21, 2020